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This Site is constantly being updated due to the fast-pace activity, fluctuating market values, and real estate trends.  More information will be added or deleted along from time-to-time for accuracy.  

All information in this site are data projections based on my accumulated over-the-years knowledge of my South Florida real estate experience, and/or current data reports collected from news and media sources, and/or from customers testimonials, and/or from general knowledge shared by local real-estate associates, and/or National or Local news sources which I offer my opinion on my blog page and responses or discussions from the general public. Information is not warranted and may not necessarily agree with visitors' knowledge and/or their own personal real estate experiences. Related services recommendations are from my hands-on experiences, and from previous clients who have used those service providers and were satisfied with the services. Besides the information provided in this Site, if there are any doubts of any subject matters, I strongly encourage all visitors to seek advice from their own trusted professionals, or by seeking information on the Internet, or by other reliable sources, or by asking their friends and relatives for recommendations.


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