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21 Jun

Aren't you annoyed, if not disgusted, with the forever ongoing robocalls that you get everyday?  It has really gotten out of hand already.  Back in the 70ies (maybe bofore), human beings used to call on the phone to pitch their goods. In the 90ies came the 800 number calls. After 2010 came the "robocalls" using Skype or similar internet programs borrowing national area code phone numbers with a robotic message introducing the calls.  The latest ruse now in 2019 is the automated robocalls that come disguised under our regional/local phone area codes (954) (561) (305) which show up on our caller ID making us believe that a friend, or a doctor, or a locally known service is calling.   We are prone to answer the calls.  What is the next subterfuge?

Where is Robocop?   Who is policing this national pestilence?

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