Buying Assistance

Purchasing real estate in the United States involves  ore than simply making an offer, signing a contract, and proceed to the settlement office. This is where my extensive 22+ years of experience can play a pivotal role. I will guide you through every step of the process, whether you are in search of a permanent residence (be it a house or a condo) or a second winter home in our beautiful South East Florida.

My services include helping you discern your exact property preferences through the MLS to select properties that will captivate your interest, followed by visits of your selected properties. Meanwhile, I will assisting in determining your financial comfort zone, aiding in selecting a trusted and qualified lender (if you do not have one), and get you pre-approve for financing, if required, so you will be ready to make your best offer. 

Upon choosing the ideal property for you, before making an offer, I will run the comparable value of the property to skillfully negotiating the best possible price for the property that has captured your heart. I will supervise all aspects of property inspections.

Finally, I will connect you to the ideal Title (closing) agency to ensure a successful and seamless transaction, ultimately taking you to the finish line with confidence and ease.l